How to Open Small Business in India ? – Detail Guide

The small business encourages Indian businesses as well as service providers to enhance quality to exceed around the globe. The establishment of a small business in India comes with some ideas before implementing them:

#1 Decide On a Business Idea:

One will have their own a small business idea to make it true. India has cleared the ways by opening the doors in versatile sectors for small business. There are good chances in tourism and hospitality, agriculture and manufacturing factory etc. One can set small business in India in suitable investments.

#2 Prefer to go for more training as well as Experience:

Launch the small venture which is best according to the expertise. Keep the skills that will take the decision of success of the business. Better to remember the tricks of the trade as much as possible. It is good to be specialized to select a vocational training course. This facility is given by different Indian government institutes. Additional talents will be achieved by doing practical tasks.

#3 Writing It down: The Project Scheme

Dissimilarity decides a business success. Study international market for things, services adjustable to the business. Find each detail concerned to the venture. The first step for any project begins with feasibility research and a project report. This one can do with themselves or with the support of expertise. It totally depends on the business and investment. A project report includes details like name, age, and qualification of the business owner or partners.  One needs to attach experience papers concerned to the business.

#4 Decide the Medium of Funds:

Most small businesses in India are doing business on their own funds or taking economic help from family and friends. The business planner must have acute estimates about how much monetary help one will need to do start-ups.

Also, calculate budget one will need to keep the venture afloat until it becomes beneficial. Entrepreneurs starting micro, small, and medium ventures can search funding from some financial intuitions:

Cooperative credit societies: These give loans to minimal businesses if anyone buys their shares.

Banks: Inquire with various banks for different capital offers.

Community Development Funds: Concentrated on the welfare of any communities, they provide small venture loans.

#5 Finalize on the Situation:

Developing a small venture in India needs spare at home or a stall, shop, office or workshop. Registering the venture with local municipality and village management is needed under Indian regulations. It will offer as proof of physical venue of the venture. Own website will help in the online, physical promotion of the product.

#6 Business Management and Regulations:

Registering a venture in India will be difficult. One need to take the license from the different state and Central governments are necessary while starting a small venture.

#7 Tax Registration is expected:

Establishing up a small project entails one to take a Permanent Account Number and Taxpayers Identification Number. It will allot within 30 working days from the date of applications. Both numbers are beneficial while paying taxes to the government every year.

Above mentioned some information will guide anyone while opening a small business in India.

How to Make Online ESIC Payment using E-Challan?

The ESI Scheme has the aim to offer convenient free services to both employers and employees through the information portal and services portal. As a part of this, compliance and payments are taken through a web portal. Employers can give monthly support through the portal. The online payment is enabled for SBI account holders possessing the net banking facility.

Two relevant aspects of doing online payment:

  1. Internet Banking Facility with user id and Password
  2. ESIC user id and password (this will be generated online through ESIC service portal).
  3. One can login with ESIC user id and password which will give during registration.
  4. After doing login, the user will get the hyperlinks of each module which will make you go to different sections.

Process Online ESIC Payment:

  1. One can file the monthly contribution through” Online Monthly contribution Screen.”
  2. On yielding “preview” page will be seen.
  3. To submit the monthly benefaction details to ESIC click “Submit”.
  4. It is user-friendly information.
  5. Click ok to proceed further with online payment.
  6. After submitting user can make the online amount through net banking by clicking on Pay Online.
  7. Click on “OK” to proceed further with the online payment.
  8. Pen down the Challan number. Click On continues to go for payment this will redirect to SBI payment page.
  9. The user needs to provide net banking details and then will be able to make the amount.

For generating e-Challan:

  • Go to the ESIC website: www.
  • Enter the login details and click on the button login.
  • Select Recovery/ Defaulter Challan option for doing further
  • Now the user will be sent to the next page, where one requires clicking the Submit button for giving Challan Number.
  • One can Pen down the challan number for further information to the payment medium.
  • Selection of Payment modes will be given for making payment easier.
  • Click on the button of Payment after checking the details of the payment.
  • One can make Challan through Bank also.

After getting the Challan, one can make an online payment using E-Challan

  • Click generate Challan link, the screen will direct, click on option “view”.
  • Select the online option and click submit button. A message will be displayed, and a user should click “OK” on the message
  • Confirmation of Successful transaction
  • Click on the last button of “Online Challan Double” verification connection.
  • Double verification of Challan page will be displayed. Now type the Challan number in the column of Challan number and click submit.
  • Now reprint the success page.

What are the issues one can face?

  • Funds shortage
  • Transaction failing due to connectivity issues
  • User forgot the login id and password
  • Failure of ESIC site in redirecting the online Financial Institution Portal.
  • Transaction unsuccessful due to link issue etc.
  • The unsuccessful transaction can be done again by clicking on the link “Online Challan Double”.

It is excellent to precede the payment process through online but each credential and details must be checked before selecting anything for the procedure.

ESI Returns ESI Registration & Returns Filing Procedure

Every worker in any company must be aware of the different policies put in place for his or her benefit. There can be some accidents or injuries while on duty workers must be prepared for these occurrences. Among them, ESI is an important one.

The Employee State Insurance Scheme is one of the most renowned schemes for employees indulged in different economic sectors in whole India. This scheme is registered and controlled by a self-investment social safeguard and labor welfare institution named ESIC. It is one of the rules and laws were given in the Indian ESI Act of 1948.

What exactly ESI Registration is?

Accurate registration under the ESI scheme of ESIC is known as ESI Registration. The abbreviation of ESIC is Employees State Insurance Corporation. This executes under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India.

ESI Registration Procedure and Eligibility

The ESI registration procedure has primarily the below mentioned two procedures or tasks:

  • The manageress is needed to give the filled Employer’s Registration Form (Form-01) to the ESIC, along with the documents mentioned below separately.
  • And, every employee is required to submit a family photograph to the skipper.
  • In general, the documents and enclosures to be deposited to the regarded ESI Office by an padrone for getting registered under the ESI scheme are the following:
  • Certified copies of different documents concerned with company adjustment and business or profession of the company.
  • Address Proof, Company Bank Account, PAN Card as well as all Tax-related documents and certificates are applicable.
  • Registers having information about the salaries, employment, attendance etc of that specific employee.
  • And some other documents which may be needed by the ESI Office.

Areas covered under the ESI Scheme

The ESI Scheme is being used area-wise by stages. The Scheme has already come into implementation in most of the areas in the different States as well as Union Territories of India Union.


The multi-pronged social safeguard programme is managed by an apex corporate body called the Employees’. State Insurance Corporation.  It consists of members representing special interest groups the Central and State Government, employees, principals, representatives of Parliament and the medical profession. The Union Minister of Labour headed the Corporation as its Chairman. The Director-General who is appointed by the Central Government functions as Chief Executive Officer.


The corporate body executes the role of a coordinated policy planner and decision making for growth. They check the efficiency and development of the scheme.

This schemed is self-accounting health security scheme for the employee. Benefaction comes from covered employees and governors as their fixed ratio of wages. It is an extra consumption covered by the State Governments over and above the roof and not decreasing within the section of sharing.

Collection of Contribution

A sachem is responsible to make the contribution in concern of every employee and decrease employees section from wages bill. They will pay the donation in respect of every employee and decrease employee’s benefits from wages bill. They need to pay these handouts on different rates.

How to Activate Universal Account Number (UAN) ?

Universal Account Number is significant as the whole procedure of Employee Provident Fund has the base on it. One can use the entire execution. UAN helps in accessing the PF account services. It includes withdrawal, PF loan application forward procedure and checking EPF balance without the support of the chief executive.

What Exactly UAN is?

Universal Account Number is a 12- digit number, every employee having EPF has. Employee Provident Fund gives it. UAN of a worker remains same throughout his work tenure, even in his living. It will not differ with the change of jobs. Whenever any employee changes the job EPFO offers a new member of identification (ID) which will be connected to UAN. The worker can make a request for this new member ID by filling the UAN to the new employer. After the creation of ID, linking with UAN takes place.

Documents Needed to Open UAN

If one is playing the first inning of the job or first job in a registered institute or company, the person requires the below-mentioned documents to get the Unique Account Number:

• Finance account info-account number, IFSC code, branch name.

Aadhaar Card – Since Aadhaar is linked to the bank account and mobile number, it is mandatory.

Recognition Proof – Any photo-affixed and national identity card like Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhaar, SSLC Book

Address Proof: A recent utility bill in your name, it can be 

  • Contract/ rent agreement,
  • Ration card
  • ID proof mentioned


  • The PAN Number should be linked to UAN
  • ESIC Card

The Process of Activation UAN for an Employee:

  1. It is through Employer.

In the normal way, one can easily achieve the Universal Account Number from the employer by the EPFO. Even some employees also mention by the printing the UAN number in the salary slips.

Through the UAN portal with the help using PF number or Member ID

There are possibilities that one will not be able to get the Universal Account Number from the employer, one can have the UAN number through UAN portal also. One needs to follow some steps. These are mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to the UAN Portal http:// interface/

Step 2: Give a click on the option “Aware the UAN Status. The following page will reflect UAN

Step 3: Select the State and EPFO office from a drop-down menu and enter the PF number/ member ID with different details like name, mobile no, date of birth, and mobile number. The employee can get the PF number and member ID from the salary slip.  Then one will get the “Get Authorization Pin”.

Step 4: The person will get a PIN on the registered mobile number. Type the PIN and click on Validate OTP and get UAN button.

Step 5: The Universal Account Number will be given to the mobile number.

It helps to centralize employee data in the nation. One of the biggest implementations is that it burdens the burden of the employee verification from business and employers by EPF organization.

So, it is an excellent thing to have a UAN number, which is beneficial and relevant also.